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Love your arguments on purposeful annotation (thank you!) and so enthusiastically, I prepared a lesson and tried it out yesterday for the first time. But today, I am feeling a bit discouraged. Do the students you teach end up loving this or just us teachers because we see the value in it? I teach 7th grade reading and LA. Yesterday in class I went through the first page of a short story, demonstrating how I’d question or comment upon what I read in the margins (I was a terrific actress, commenting on things and jotting down a short note like “Wow – I wonder why he did that?”). For homework, they had to finish the remaining four pages.

Some of the other answers imply that using two transaction managers is in some way wrong; however, Spring's XML configuration allows for using multiple transaction managers as stated in the online documentation (below). Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a way to make the @EnableTransactionManagement annotation work in a similar manner. As a result, I simply use an @ImportResource annotation to load an XML file that includes the <tx:annotation-driven/> line. This allows you to get a Java configuration for most things but still make use of @Transactional with an optional Transaction Manager qualifier.

Annotation sample

annotation sample


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