Apa topss scholars essay competition 2013

Ethnically, 74% of the population is Sinhalese and speaks Sinhala, the national language; 18% is Tamil (people of South Indian origin) and speaks Tamil, an official language since 1978. About 70% of the Tamils are "Ceylon Tamils" — citizens whose ancestors have lived in Sri Lanka for many generations and who have full voting rights. Most live in the northern and eastern provinces, but many Ceylon Tamils live in Colombo and throughout the island. The other 30% of the Tamil population are the so-called "Indian Tamils," whose ancestors were brought from South India in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to work on tea and rubber plantations. Most were disenfranchised in Sri Lanka by legislation passed in 1948. Because India also refused to recognize them as citizens, the Indian Tamils were considered stateless.

In most modern atlases, the maps are printed in uniform style and format , on a fairly consistent scale . An atlas may be issued as an independent publication or as accompanying material , with or without descriptive text , plate s, chart s, table s, etc. Some have a special focus ( example : The Times Atlas of World Exploration ); others are intended for a specific use ( road atlas es). In a library , large atlases are often stored in a specially designed atlas case . For an online atlas, see the National Atlas of the United States or The Atlas of Canada . See also : atlas factice , celestial atlas , facsimile atlas , historical atlas , national atlas , nautical atlas , pocket atlas , thematic atlas , and world atlas .

The Fifth Circuit’s approach has no basis in statutory text or in Supreme Court case law. Just last Term, in Perez v. Mortgage Bankers Association , the Supreme Court reversed the . Circuit for conjuring up a “judge-made procedural right” to notice and comment that had no root in the APA. The administration may be looking for a similar ruling here. But if so, United States v. Texas would seem like a strange vehicle. One would think that the administration would choose to challenge the Fifth and . Circuit’s approach in a case with low ideological valence—like Mortgage Bankers , in which the underlying dispute was about overtime pay for loan officers. And if one were trying to choose a case with low ideological valence, United States v. Texas would be just about the last pick.

Apa topss scholars essay competition 2013

apa topss scholars essay competition 2013