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The Gilded Era was a time when the United States experienced great economic growth and social change. This age witnessed the growth of many industries, urbanization, construction of the railroads, rise in technology and the rise of many big businesses. However, some factors divided the Americans. These factors were such as the emergence of the elite class who often looked down upon the other Americans. Another factor was the extreme poverty in some parts of the country where the underpaid workers lived. The rich resided in their wealthy estates and they often used the poor to do their dirty work for them. This often subjected the poor to humiliation and some of them turned to crime as I have discussed above. The people were divided in many areas such as religion where the rich believed the Darwin's philosophy. However, some of them were generous and they gave back to the society. The poor believed in the social gospel where they believed that through reform efforts dealing with child labor, slums and pathetic houses plus unsafe working conditions, they could still build the Kingdom of God on Earth. Nevertheless, the Gilded Age also made positive contributions to present day America as it was a force to be reckoned with.

Apush essays gilded age

apush essays gilded age


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