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Hey guys, So I am currently taking AP US History right now and I have a debate in about 24 hours. So, the debate is basically where we are chosen a historical figure who is either a Loyalist or a Patriot (supporting the colonies or the crown) and debating on the following topics and why we support or disagree with it. The topics are - Proclamation of 1763 - Sugar Act - Stamp Act - Quartering Act - Declaratory Act - Townshend Acts - Tea Act - Intolerable Acts So I get the main point. I'm supposed to disagree with these because of how colonists are not getting sufficient representation in parliament and how this threatens the self government, etc. However, I am having a little trouble coming up with arguments that fit my character, James Madison. What would be some ideas for possible arguments for James Madison against these taxes? Thank you guys!

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Apush homework help

apush homework help


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