Artists times war other essays

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Homer’s Bavarian-born colleague, Thomas Nast, became America’s most influential editorial cartoonist. Supporting the Lincoln Administration and Republican Party, he demonized the Rebels and advocated for emancipation, heaping derision on those in the North who opposed the war effort and sought negotiated peace with the Confederacy. By 1864, coverage of the Union victories by the special artists, along with Nast’s acerbic illustrations, helped consolidate public support for the war effort and win Lincoln a second term. Senior officers on both sides came to value the military knowledge of the specials, offering them commissions and employing their skills as scouts to sketch fortifications.

Our overthrow of the democratically elected government of Iran, followed by the installation of the brutal Shah eventually brought the Imams to power in Iran. Would they ever have taken over the country if we had let Mossadegh stay in power?
Our support for Saddam Hussein’s war against Iran and our endless sabre-rattling ever since, along with blind support for Israel give the Imams all the propaganda fuel they need with their own citizens. “We must defend ourselves against the two great satans: Amerika and Israel”! Is fear of ./Israeli attack unreasonable?Remember, we occupy the two nations on either side of Iran.
In private, young Iranians take off the head scarves and dance to western rock music and disco. They have some hesitation (they don’t want their culture taken over by Britney Spears’ whorish image), but they want more freedom and other things the West has to offer. They certainly don’t want war with us or with Israel. Much of what we have done has only strengthened the position of the Imams.
I think there was a lot of truth in the Keith Richards quote that the USSR ended because people over there wanted Levis and Rock and Roll. The same could be true in the Middle East. But we need to stop threatening to bomb them. It would help if stopped actually bombing them, too.

Artists times war other essays

artists times war other essays


artists times war other essaysartists times war other essaysartists times war other essaysartists times war other essays