Contributing to diversity essay

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Cook Ross does not approach diversity training as an organizational band-aid or temporary “fix” for a problem. We work hard to identify a customized training approach for each of our unique clients that emphasizes overall business results and builds a lasting systems approach encouraging and developing collaboration among the employees to emphasize ownership, individual choice, and responsibility for each individual’s behavior. Cook Ross has established a comprehensive systems approach to 21st century diversity consulting that has evolved from decades of experience in addressing a wide variety of diversity and inclusion issues.

Our CEO on Inclusiveness
We value the whole person and everything that each of us has to offer, obvious and not so obvious. I believe that every person should have the chance to realize his or her potential, regardless of color, gender, age, sexual orientation, educational background, family status, skill level—the list goes on and on. When we are truly inclusive, I believe we go beyond toleration to really understanding what makes us unique and what unites us as human beings.
Brian Walker
President and Chief Executive Officer, Herman Miller, Inc.

Contributing to diversity essay

contributing to diversity essay


contributing to diversity essaycontributing to diversity essaycontributing to diversity essaycontributing to diversity essay