Discipline in schools today essay

Internet-based distance learning programs are offered widely through many universities. Instructors teach through online activities and assignments. Online classes are taught the same as physically being in class with the same curriculum. The instructor offers the syllabus with their fixed requirements like any other class. Students can virtually turn their assignments in to their instructors according to deadlines. This being through via email or in the course webpage. This allowing students to work at their own pace, yet meeting the correct deadline. Students taking an online class have more flexibility in their schedules to take their classes at a time that works best for them. Conflicts with taking an online class may include not being face to face with the instructor when learning or being in an environment with other students. Online classes can also make understanding the content difficult, especially when not able to get in quick contact with the instructor. Online students do have the advantage of using other online sources with assignments or exams for that specific class. Online classes also have the advantage of students not needing to leave their house for a morning class or worrying about their attendance for that class. Students can work at their own pace to learn and achieve within that curriculum. [12]

Likewise, on August 1, 2011, the . Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit upheld the expulsion of a student who made threats during an instant messaging conversation with another student.   In DJM v. Hannibal Public School Dist ., a high school student vented his anger over a breakup to a friend over IM.  At one point in the conversation, he made several comments about shooting classmates, using racially and sexually charged language .  He later claimed to be joking, but the friend he made the comments to eventually became concerned enough to show them to an adult, and later their principal.  Even though the conversation happened outside of school, the court found that the district was “reasonably concerned” about the student carrying out his threats, and upheld his expulsion.

Discipline in schools today essay

discipline in schools today essay


discipline in schools today essaydiscipline in schools today essaydiscipline in schools today essaydiscipline in schools today essay