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We keep our groups small (6 to 12 students) to ensure optimal learning opportunities and focused attention, and each class curriculum was carefully designed by our experienced teachers and a team of professionals. Our teachers are all TESL certified and/or have pertinent university degrees. Their comprehensive teaching methods allow for better learning and assimilation of foreign languages, and their effective coaching and mentoring will help to identify your strengths and weaknesses, guiding you towards the successful achievement of your linguistic goals.

The Present and Future In 2003, the total number of languages in the world was estimated to be 6,809. 90% of these languages are spoken by less than 100,000 people. Between 200 and 150 languages are spoken by more than a million people. There are 357 languages which have less than 50 speakers. The Cambap language (Central Cameroon) has 30 speakers; the Leco language (Bolivian Andes) has about 20 speakers. Mati Ke (in northern Australia) had four speakers in 2003. A total of 46 languages have just a single speaker. Unfortunately, with the onset of mass communications (rapid flights, radio, television, telephone, the internet), many of the smaller languages are in real danger of extinction. With their passing, a unique cultural way of looking at the world disappears with them. The linguist, Edward Sapir , wrote: "No two languages are ever sufficiently similar to be considered as representing the same social reality. The words in which different cultures live are distinct worlds, not merely the same world with different labels attached". Over the last 500 years % of the world's described languages have disappeared. In North America, 52 of the 176 languages have become extinct since 1600. In Australia, 31 of the 235 languages have gone. Even so, some countries and regions are still rich in linguistic diversity. Mexico has 52 languages spoken within its borders. The old USSR (Soviet Union) had 100. Nigeria has over 400. The island of Papua New Guinea has over 700, virtually a different one in each valley. India has over 800 languages in several families (Indo-European, Dravidian, Sino-Tibetan, Austro-Asiatic). If these essays encourage the recording or saving of endangered languages, they will have been useful.

“Mam, French is a very interesting language to learn and I really enjoy it”
This quote coming from my seventeen-year-old daughter was like music to my ears. This time last year she hated French, thought it was a stupid language and wondered why she had to learn it!
So why the turn-about? I can only attribute it to her tutorial class with Liz Hayes of French Notes. A weekly class since September has seen not only a new-found love of French but also a higher grade in school exams. Liz’s mastery in French combined with her positive attitude and engagement with the small class of students makes learning enjoyable and fun.
Liz covers the curriculum and stretches students to cover and discuss current affairs and relevant topics. Exam skills and strategies are also offered.
Looking forward to next term when the focus will be on oral French.
Thank you, Liz, for the turnaround!!

Essays french language

essays french language


essays french languageessays french languageessays french languageessays french language