Essays nursing student

This paper mentioned some philosophies of nursing being used today in nursing practice. Having a personal philosophy of nursing is important for many reasons; it will provide a motivated and working foundation from which I can understand the profession of nursing in an individual and purposeful way. My philosophy implies plenty comprehension of what to do as a nurse. My paper also shows that nursing includes ethics and practical aspects which all combine to the overall picture of the profession. My personal philosophy will provide a basis and foundation for me when I enter the profession and if I decide to further my study. The theories of nursing are all different but they all have the same objective which is providing optimum care for patients.

I have a nurse at my doctor’s office who I not only see working like crazy constantly but who has always gone way above and beyond for me personally. She has done so for years now. From saving saving samples for me because she knows I have very little money to giving me her cell number so I can actually get through when I need to talk to her being available pretty much 24/7. She is (and my doctor) are often so busy that, even though she works days in the office, it very often takes her until 11:00PM to get to me with information she has been working on getting me. The girl is tireless and my health has recently gotten worse and she has made herself available more! She has plenty of patients besides me..

Essays nursing student

essays nursing student


essays nursing studentessays nursing studentessays nursing studentessays nursing student