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The world of Gattaca, based as it is on discrimination, is, the director would suggest, just as dangerous as discrimination in traditional areas such as race, gender and religion. People are defined according to their relationship to the dominant power. Labels are attached, imposed upon individuals without their consent and assumptions are made about their differences. In this case, scientific proof becomes the absolute basis for discrimination. While the society holds it is a truth, that DNA is a primary factor that determines success, for example, Vincent proves that the philosophy underpinning the discrimination is flawed. Success is determined by other variables that are not within the control of science.

The expanded opera deals with the elitism and prejudice of various movements in pseudosciences and art criticism , wrapped around a thread of a desire to make a clone of Francisco Goya through use of his long-lost skull , which he hid from the likes of Paul Broca , and which the Art Banker finds under a floorboard in a " degenerate art " gallery in Act II. This skull is the object of numerous fights in the second and third acts, often with one character snatching it from another. The opera is non-realistic in its presentation, with only one through-character, the Art Banker. Indeed, when Goya does appear, it is not the result of cloning, but a purely fantastical device. Four other performers play different roles in each section who are thematically connected. In addition, two actors are called for in non-speaking roles. The Art Banker also speaks narration into a dictaphone , but this was omitted from the studio recording, though the lines are reprinted in the booklet.

MLA format The first part of your essay should be analytical. You want to explore how the different parts of the film come together and generate certain effects in (some) viewers. You can’t generalize for all viewers, but the effects on you are very important and should be articulated. The second part of your essay, the evaluative component, asks you to make an articulate judgment (or series of judgments about the film). In other words, you should indicate whether the film lives up to its potential (or fails to do so). You should have some clear criteria of evaluation in making your overall judgment (your descriptive criteria will provide you with supporting material here). One critical component in evaluation is  effect . What  effect(s)  does the film have on you and how or why? Are these effects appropriate to the genre? Does the film introduce effects that are relatively innovative and new for  you ? (Your essay is  NOT  a research project.) How does this film compare with other films of the same genre with which you are familiar?An analysis of the film Gattaca more than a plot summary. In fact, plot summaries should be kept to a minimum (brief plot summaries or references are acceptable in support of an interpretive point). The essays are not research projects and you are expected to contribute an original essay on a film of your choosing . Do not use internet sources. Use your personal opinion after watching the film.

Essays on gattaca

essays on gattaca


essays on gattacaessays on gattacaessays on gattacaessays on gattaca