Gmat analysis of an argument essay samples

There are four types of question format:

Graphics interpretation
Venn diagrams, charts, curves and other graphical plots each with two or three sub-questions consisting of sentences that need completing. The answers are selected from three or four-choices in a drop-down menu.

Two-part analysis
Verbal or quantitative reasoning with two answers to be selected from five or six choices... one per column

Table analysis
A Table is given with three yes/no or true/false type sub-questions. The data can be re-sorted.

Multi-source reasoning
Three sources of information (memos, emails etc.) There can be three yes/no statements or a traditional five-choice multiple choice question. The same data set can be used for several questions. Practice Tests Try our sample tests to gain familiarity with all four question formats:

  • Integrated Reasoning Practice Test 01 (Multi-source reasoning)
  • Integrated Reasoning Practice Test 02 (Graphics interpretation)
  • Integrated Reasoning Practice Test 03 (Table analysis)
  • Integrated Reasoning Practice Test 04 (Two-part analysis)

Parts of the integrated reasoning section will involve a lot of critical thinking. GMAT Pill has organized 5 Core Frameworks for Integrated Reasoning - especially helpful for the Two Part Analysis section.
For example, this is a diagram of Framework #3: Table Top. The idea of the table top is that anytime you make an argument, draw a conclusion, or claim something - something else is must be true that supports that claim or conclusion. That something else is called an assumption. That assumption acts like the supporting leg of a table. If that assumption is violated, then you know the argument or claim falls apart. There are a variety of ways to test the strength of the table top. And we discuss two major ways to test the table leg in the context of multiple examples. Don't go into your GMAT exam without understanding how the table top framework applies to GMAT integrated reasoning questions.

Gmat analysis of an argument essay samples

gmat analysis of an argument essay samples


gmat analysis of an argument essay samplesgmat analysis of an argument essay samplesgmat analysis of an argument essay samplesgmat analysis of an argument essay samples