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One solution is that he had two personalities: "Lewis Carroll" and "the Reverend Mr. Dodgson," with the problems that go along with having a split personality. There were peculiar things about him—he stammered ever since he was a child, he was extremely fussy about his possessions, and he walked as much as twenty miles a day. But another solution seems more nearly correct: "Dodgson" and "Carroll" were parts of one personality. This personality, because of happiness in childhood and unhappiness in the years thereafter, could blossom only in a world that resembled the happy one he knew while growing up.

Lewis Carroll materials are in collections around the world. The largest collection of materials is the M. L. Parrish collection at Princeton University, New Jersey. Other important collections are at the University of Texas at Austin; the New York Public Library (Berg); the New York University Library; the Elmer Holmes Bobst Library (Berol); the Bodleian Library; the British Library; Christ Church College, Oxford; the Columbia University Library; the Harcourt Amory Collection at Harvard University; and the Huntington Library.

Lewis Carroll was the pen name of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson ( Daresbury , Cheshire , 27 January 1832 – Guildford , Surrey , 14 January 1898). [1] Dodgson was an Oxford don , a logician ( mathematics expert), a writer, a poet , an Anglican clergyman , and a photographer . He is most famous for his story Alice's Adventures in Wonderland which he told to a young friend, Alice Liddell , when he took the girl and two sisters on a boat trip. Alice enjoyed the story and asked Dodgson to write it down. Carroll then wrote a second story about Alice called Through the Looking-Glass . Both stories are still popular all over the world.

Lewis carroll dissertations

lewis carroll dissertations


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