Marriage titles for essays

Lord, please allow her to forgive me and bring me back in her life. I promos, I will never neglect her or my children again and will dedicate my life to them to be the man, husband and father they truly deserve. This is what I ask and pry for. I have committed to bring happiness back into their lives and with your strength I will be there no matter what happens. Please Lord, grant me this one prayer in life to show them I have changed and that I will do my best to never let them down ever again.

Please God, while she has me away from her and my family, please watch over them and protect them and keep them out of harms way. Guide them and direct them so they make the right decisions in life. Please don’t let anything happen to them while I’m away. God, I love them with all my whole heart and with out them I am nothing but an empty soul.

Lord, I do plead to you to hear and answer my family prayer through your only begotten son Jesus Christ, my raining King and Redeemer - Amen

Marriage titles for essays

marriage titles for essays


marriage titles for essaysmarriage titles for essaysmarriage titles for essaysmarriage titles for essays