Nina balcan thesis

Lack of understanding of the history of this region would lead one not to understand the natural aim for indipendance of these republics. These people are ''south slavic'' with very historically developed sense of their nationality. It is not from 1918 onwards, but much before. The problem of the war is complicated and yes America played a big part of it. Wheras for Kosovo, I'll let the time pass and see what will happen when the majority of Pacistani people in England would need simply more. We all want to recognise a long past back but we don't seem to consider changes that follow, rather we go by saying we need something new - new state, new people, new order, new victims.

The playlist was made by Jonas Kronman, 39, who grew up in Tensta. Jonas works with music in geriatric care. He joined de:tune Järva because of his desire to challenge himself and his broad interest in music, something that is clearly demonstrated in his playlist. “My playlist consists of African American music, Romani, Balkan, reggae, Finnish tango, Swedish ballads, Latin, etc. I love music partly because it creates the possibility of meetings.”

Jonas Kronman is an active member of the music project detune: Järva, a project where musicians linked to the Järva area explore the district’s musical identity. Led by the artist and musician Tarek Atoui.

1. Arja Saijonmaa - Jag vill tacka livet

2. Bob Marley - Three Little Birds

3. Mikael Wiehe - Ska nya röster sjunga

4. Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms

5. Cyndi Lauper - True Colors

6. John Coltrane - Favourite Things

7. Louis Armstrong - What a wonderful world

8. Mary J. Blige - No More Drama

9. 2pac - Life Goes On

10. Mary Gauthier - Mercy Now

11. Karin Krog & Dexter Gordon - How Insensitive

12. Yasmin Levy - Naci En Alamo (Vengo)


Michaela Handke joined WUS Austria in May 2010. Within the company she is responsible for the implementation of selected EU Projects and project development. Her work experience relates to the fields of quality assurance in higher education, curriculum development, inclusion and diversity in education, student-centred learning, university-industry cooperation and linking higher education to the labour market. She has 10 years working experience in South Eastern Europe and several years working experience in the Caucasus region and Central Asia.

Nina balcan thesis

nina balcan thesis