Outsourcing jobs essay

As figure 1 implies, perceived usefulness (U) can be affected by various external variables over and above ease of use (E). External variables such as menus, icons, training and user support will specifically effect E, but might have an indirect effect on U as well because of the E-U link (Davis et al. 1989). According to Davis et al. (1989): "external variables provide the bridge between the internal beliefs, attitudes and intentions represented in TAM and the various individual differences , situational constraints and managerially controllable interventions impinging on behaviour." When the TAM was just developed, most researchers did not focus on external variables but on the prediction and explanation of user behaviour, working from U and EOU forward to user acceptance. However Davis (1989) explicitly included 'external variables' in his original model to stimulate future research on the impact of various external variables on user behaviour. By doing this Davis offered current researchers and practitioners a push in the right direction on how to examine for example the influence of generational differences (external variable) on technology acceptance.

Now the latest mantra in India is that of Business Process Outsourcing and Call Centres. As has got the largest pool of English speaking scientific and talented manpower it has become an obvious choice for the foreign companies to outsource their non-core business processes to our country. But as we are facing stiff competition from our neighbouring China and because of the recent allegations made against our Call Centers, the Government must be careful in dealing with these situations and if necessary stringent cyber laws need to be implemented.

Outsourcing jobs essay

outsourcing jobs essay


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