Pros and cons of video games essay

My experience as an executive coach suggests that for the vast majority of decisions that my clients deem to be critical, a pros-and-cons list is useful only as a very high-level preliminary thinking aid. I believe this is because the decisions leaders most often bring to coaching are ones for which they perceive the stakes as being high — the client has strong positive or negative (or both) emotions associated with possible outcomes. And when the stakes are high, the potential interference of cognitive biases, wishful thinking, self-limiting beliefs, and similar barriers to objectivity rise. High-stakes decisions therefore require approaches that address these complications. Self-awareness, reflection, and actively applying a range of mindsets are examples of alternatives to the pros-and-cons list that shed light on these hidden, unconscious cognitive biases, ultimately leading to better insights and better decision outcomes.

One elite runner, Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, 43, is a highly accomplished marathoner (2:24 PR), race director, family physician, Associate Professor at West Virginia University School of Medicine, Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force Reserves, and owner of Two River Treads, a Center for Natural Running and Walking, in Sheperdstown, West Virginia. He is a big believer in video analysis and barefoot running. “I have been enlightened in how not just my own body works and how to correct it, but also in how I can assist others, by participating in gait evaluation and the corrective prescriptions with Jay Dicharry at his SPEED Performance Clinic. Jay has taught me to see and understand what I could not see. The analysis which involved motion and joint forces helped me identify asymmetries, joint mobility and stability deficits, and stride patterns which were sub-optimal for efficiency. By cueing certain movements and muscles I made immediate corrections in form and through proper rehabilitation of weaknesses made long-term stability corrections. Retesting proved in the lab what I was feeling in my body—a more relaxed, stable, and efficient stride. That being said I continue to learn and am doing a lot of true barefoot running now and it’s really impossible to overstride barefoot. The lower leg never gets out beyond perpendicular to ground.”

Pros and cons of video games essay

pros and cons of video games essay


pros and cons of video games essaypros and cons of video games essaypros and cons of video games essaypros and cons of video games essay