Prospectus research paper examples

Research Questions -- provides a preliminary view of the questions the student will investigate.  Questions are based on theory, past research, experience, and need.  These questions will direct the research methodology; their inclusion in the Concept Paper links the research problem with the methodology.  For some, composing the research questions may be the most difficult part of the research project, or possibly the most difficult aspect of writing the Concept Paper.  The questions will direct everything that will be done; therefore, it is important that they are accurate and focused to the main research problem.  These research questions will specifically direct the research and the type of analyses conducted, as such their compatibility is essential.

An Abridged Methodology -- provides the student’s best idea on how to conduct the research and analyze the data. The goals and objects identified in previous sections of the Concept Paper should relate to the research methods described in this section.  For the Concept Paper, the methodology is simplified or summarized, serving as a general outline of the methods that will be employed.

Although MAT December 2017 exam will be held as Paper pen based test and also as computer based online MAT exam, experts and mentors on MAT and past MAT toppers suggest the candidates to opt for paper based MAT exam as candidates can view and prioritise their choice of sections in one go as compared to computer based exam. Besides, according to them it is easier to answer the questions in paper based form than in computerised exam. The difficulty level of MAT December 2017 will not be as high as that of CAT or XAT and is comparable to CMAT exam. 

Prospectus research paper examples

prospectus research paper examples


prospectus research paper examplesprospectus research paper examplesprospectus research paper examplesprospectus research paper examples