Roland kossel dissertation

The German Renaissance has bequeathed the city some noteworthy buildings (especially the current Chambre de commerce et d'industrie , former town hall , on Place Gutenberg ), as did the French Baroque and Classicism with several hôtels particuliers (. palaces ), among which the Palais Rohan (1742, now housing three museums) is the most spectacular. Other buildings of its kind are the " Hôtel de Hanau " (1736, now the city hall), the Hôtel de Klinglin (1736, now residence of the préfet ), the Hôtel des Deux-Ponts (1755, now residence of the military governor ), the Hôtel d'Andlau-Klinglin (1725, now seat of the administration of the Port autonome de Strasbourg ) etc. The largest baroque building of Strasbourg though is the 150-metre-long (490 ft) 1720s main building of the Hôpital civil . As for French Neo-classicism , it is the Opera House on Place Broglie that most prestigiously represents this style.

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Roland kossel dissertation

roland kossel dissertation


roland kossel dissertationroland kossel dissertationroland kossel dissertationroland kossel dissertation