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Artoz, he says, also agreed to imprint his paper with a watermark, an image etched into a cylindrical printing drum and pressed into the paper while the pulp is still wet. To get the equipment Artoz would need to do this, Frank paid $15,000, routed under a surrogate's name through a Swiss bank account, to a company in Düren, Germany, that manufactured a drum etched with the likenesses of Andrew Jackson's face. How did he manage that, exactly? "It was easy," said Frank. "To you, he's Andrew Jackson. To some guy in Germany, who the fuck is it? Some guy's face. He doesn't know."

As detailed in this week’s Current Biology , researchers at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History and the Royal Ontario Museum drew on roughly 50 fossils specimens, collected from the Burgess Shale fossil bed in British Columbia, in order to identify Capinatator   praetermissus as a new genus and species of arrow worm. Fossilized chaetognaths that include evidence of soft tissue are incredibly rare—the researchers say only two other unequivocal specimens have been reported, and both from fossil beds in China. Many of the specimens in the new paper feature evidence of soft tissue, which allowed scientists to piece together the anatomy of the animal’s gut and musculature.

«Figure 11 shows the increase in capacity, which, however, cannot be the only explanation for the price increases. Here, for example, we see the great crisis of the years 2009-2010 (the price is given in orange and the new plants in green). Instead, in the years 2004 to 2007, there were increasing new plants and the price increased constantly because the economy was growing. Then there was a decline in the price due to the financial crisis, and it was precisely amidst this crisis that investments began, whilst the price rose because there was an economic recovery. In other words, the greater the recovery, the more the price increases, because demand produces further demand and when demand increases, investments are made in pulp plants, which, however, will only become operative at least two years down the line. This is how increased capacity can be explained at times that would not appear to be appropriate.»

Term paper mills illegal

term paper mills illegal


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