Thesis climate change pdf

I just realized that Matt in the Box is using a picture of his uncle… Me thinks he has aspirations of reaching that level of intelligence. It’s been interesting read through the comments here. As someone alluded to up in there somewhere, you can’t force people to believe the truth against their will. If people want to believe this climate change crap, they will. I remember when Al Gore first started spouting this garbage, they called it global warming. Then, when it became evident (note, MitB, this means as a result of the evidence), that global warming was a hoax, the idiots with the most to gain/lose from the fraud started calling it climate change instead. Which is something we’ve known happens for years, just didn’t have as much data about it. But the one good thing about Mr. Gore’s lies is that a lot of scientists started to look into it. So now we have a lot more about it, and the results show what many of us already knew. Climates change. The vikings raised cows on Greenland when the weather was much warmer than it is now. That’s a fact. Although Monkey in the Box seems to think that’s irrelevant. Fact is, climate in Siberia was tropic at one point, as evidenced by the fact that Woolly Mammoths have been discovered frozen in glaciers with tropical foilage in their stomachs. Note that this also indicates a sudden and drastic freeze, probably as the result of volcanic activity initiating an ice-age. Fact is that climates change, and have for thousands of years. And man has never caused those changes, and still is not.
Now…does that mean we should ignore pollutants and our effect on our environment and indiscriminately destroy it? Of course not! As humans we should constantly be looking for ways to improve our world for the betterment not only of ourselves, but also our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. But to see people so bloated by the KoolAid is disturbing, quite frankly. I’m afraid they’ve had too much flouride in their water or toothpaste!
There are far too many idiot in world already who are content to let others do their thinking for them:
– Obama counted on the ignorance and apathy of the populace, and look where it got us! Double the deficite, an unaffordable healthcare system, a populace who is more divided and racist and hateful than ever, and a government that the country knows without a doubt is more corrupt and untrustworthy at every level than at any time in the history of this country!
– Clinton counted on it, too. But thankfully most Americans woke up and it didn’t work for her!
– Jury’s still out on Trump. But hopefully he doesn’t follow the same path as the last few presidents. It’s time we had someone who we can count on. But with idiots like Monkey in the Box spouting their rage and idiocy, my hope is dwindling. They aren’t able to think for themselves… So maybe we’re stuck with a society where the government has to do the thinking for them. Seems there have been a few movies made about that type of society. Shudder!

Professor Selby worked on the study with Christiane Fröhlich from the University of Hamburg's Center for Earth System Research and Sustainability (CEN), Omar Dahi from Hampshire College, and Mike Hulme from King's College London. Their article is published in a special section of the journal Political Geography, the leading outlet worldwide for the study of climate-conflict linkages. The article is accompanied by three responses from leading US-based academics, and a rejoinder from Selby and colleagues. All are available open access for a limited period.

Thesis climate change pdf

thesis climate change pdf


thesis climate change pdfthesis climate change pdfthesis climate change pdfthesis climate change pdf