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   You can do this easily! Peter and Becky have written
Knowledge to Grow
Shaped Trees
It’s a 184 page book. With over 350 photos and illustrations detailing the pooktre process of shaping trees. Practical knowledge for a sustainable future.
They decided to only have a digital book as they are encouraging people to grow trees not cut them down to make books. The first to start will have the distinction of having the oldest shaped trees. Begin this spring, this book has just been released in 2012.
Click here to read more about the book or

This video above shows Becky’s Mirror Morph from growing in the ground to the finished mirror.

Go to our video blog for full video of propagating cuttings. Free Book
Worth $9
3 Methods of Tree Shaping
Every Aspiring Tree Shaper should be Aware of
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Just fill out the form above to access this book now! Grow something with us at Pooktre Garden. For more photos of the living people trees, go to the Photos Pooktre Video footage is available of these People Trees, Becky’s Mirror and Coffee Table.

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Do you recommend WishList Member over Digital Access Pass? I’m torn between the two. I have a Thesis site and am relatively comfortable with technology, but I want something that’s easy to install and manage. Right now I’m using Paypal, so DAP seems like a good solution because of the integrated shopping cart and more flexible drip content (I will like need the drip feature). I’d also like to add a members-only forum – does that make a difference in terms of which one I should choose? Also, I want to keep my current site as is but add a few pages that will be members only (all the other pages will be public and free). Your insights/thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

Wordpress thesis guides

wordpress thesis guides


wordpress thesis guideswordpress thesis guideswordpress thesis guideswordpress thesis guides